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Planning Submissions


Planning Permission is an approval you will need to obtain from the Planning Department of your Local Authority before you can commence any building work. Some types of work are exempt and it is always advisable to check with local Planning Department first.

There are various types of Planning applications forms depending on the area you are in and take the form of either a Householder application or a Non-Householder application. Householder applications are for domestic applications where you are altering or extending your property with the Non-Householder application being applicable to new build or commercial property. The above applications are those applicable to South Lanarkshire Council and other Councils may have similar or differing application forms, however the contents of the forms are basically the same.

The Planning application consists of all relevant forms and design drawings providing the Planning Department with full details of the external ascetic appearance of the project together with how the project is positioned within the development site and as part of the appointment of 929 Design as your agent, we will prepare all necessary drawings and handle all paperwork.

When considering an application for Planning Permission the Local Authority concern themselves with the following in relation to your proposals:

Most Planning Authorities have local policies covering the above and you should make yourself aware of any specific requirements in your area.

When an application is being made, property and landowners who surround your land have to be formally notified that you have made the application - this is called "Neighbour Notification". The neighbours have 14 days to visit the Local Authority Offices where they can look at your plans and make any objections or observations they may have regarding your proposals. Any objections or observations must be on valid planning grounds to be considered by the Planning Authority. The Planning Section will usually only make contact if they have neighbour objections they are trying to resolve, if they have any design suggestions or if they need additional information.

Having considered all aspects of the proposals and any objections or representations they may have received, the Local Authority normally tries to give a decision within two months.

After Planning Consent has be granted you are normally given 3 years to start the work, after this period if works have not commenced a fresh Planning application will require to be submitted incurring additional fees. Should however you which to alter the design in any way after Planning Consent has been granted this can be done in a couple of ways, either as a material non-variation (this requires to be something minor that the Planning Department will consider and agree that will not affect the original Consent), the other would be when the Planning Department consider the alterations as being out with the granted Consent i.e. additional floor area, change of external appearance etc and in this instance amended drawings will require to be submitted and if done within 12 months of the granting of the original Consent no application fee will be required. All conditions attached to the Planning Permission must be strictly observed.

It should be noted that obtaining Planning Consent is not always guaranteed, however with initial consultations with the Planning Department prior to any design works being carried out and after the initial design has been prepared will give the Planning Department a better indication of the proposed development and allow them to comment on the design prior to a formal submission.

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