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Building Warrants

building warrants

Building Warrant is a legal approval you will need to obtain from the Building Control Department of your Local Authority before you can commence any building work on site. Some types of work are exempt and it is always advisable to check with local Building Control Department first.

The Building Warrant application consists of all relevant forms and technical drawings providing full constructional information and specifications to comply with current Building Regulations and as part of the appointment of 929 Design as your agent, we will prepare all necessary drawings and handle all paperwork.

The Building Control Department concern themselves with the Building Regulations "SBSA" (Scottish Building Standards Agency) which includes technical matters relating to such matters as structure, fire, environment, safety, noise and energy. They will want to be satisfied that the proposed alteration, extension or new build will comply in all aspects of the Building Regulations, before they will issue a Building Warrant.

When an application has been made, and after carrying out an assessment of the application, the Building Control Officer dealing with the application will send a formal letter which will list questions of a technical nature and queries they have regarding your application. This letter will be issued to 929 Design as we are acting as your agent and any questions raised will be cleared to allow the Building Warrant to be issued.

Depending on the extent and complexity of your proposed building work the Local Authority may require structural design calculations and details. Generally this may be required, for example, if a load-bearing wall is to be removed and a steel beam inserted, or where dormers or loft conversions are being constructed, for certain complex extensions, new houses, and timber frame structures, etc.

The need for Structural Engineers calculations and details is always at the discretion of the Building Control Department (and the individual Officer) dealing with your application, and if they ask for one you will have to appoint a Structural Engineer, agree and pay their fees. We have over the years had dealings with various Structural Engineering Practices who can do this work for you - contact details are available from us on request.

Once the points raised in the initial letter have been answered, the application is reassessed and depending on the Local Authority (and on many occasions the individual Building Control Officer) dealing with your application, this process may be repeated on more than one occasion. When the Building Control Department is satisfied that your proposals comply with the Building Regulations, a Building Warrant is issued, and you are given three years to commence the works. Failure to start the works within the three-year period will result in need to apply for a new Building Warrant, which will incur additional fees.

All approved documents and drawings will be issued to you at this point and these documents should be kept in a safe place for record purposes.

You now have all required documentation required to commence the works, obtain price quotations and appoint a contractor.

It should be noted that obtaining approval can be a time consuming and frustrating process and requires a lot of patience! From past experience we find that obtaining local authority approvals can take between 2 to 6 months and sometimes longer. We strongly recommend you allow plenty of time in planning your project to avoid disappointment.

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